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03 Apr

How to be Certain in a Time of Uncertainty!

During this time of self-isolation and the uncertainty of your future, it is natural for you to feel depressed, stressed, and angry. You fight for control when you feel out of control, you don’t know how you are going to face the mounting bills, layoffs, and closed businesses. Since the dawn of humanity, there is one thing that we continue to resist – no matter the millennial that’s filled with it- and that is change.

Your life and lifestyle have drastically changed. It wasn’t a slow transformation. It happened so quickly that it took your breath away. The information came to you in drips and drabs and each day was filled with anxiety and dread.

Whom do you vent to? Whom do you share your fears and concerns for yourself and your loved ones? How do you maintain your composure with your children with questions about when they can go back to school, or play with their friends, or see their grandparents? How do you create a new relationship with your spouse or life partner when suddenly, you’re together 24/7 and those little imperfections are now magnified? What was once cute is now irritating! You each had a job and a day apart and when you came together, you had something to talk about. Now that you’re together all the time, what do you talk about? How do you share responsibilities of homeschooling, meal preparation, all the minutiae of daily life, the family pets, and somehow manage to work from home? What do you do when you’re on the phone with a client and the kids are loud and the dog is barking?

Whom do you tell your fears to if you live alone? How do you express your sadness of not being able to be with your loved ones? Whom do you ask for help when you’ve always been fiercely independent? How do you take care of yourself when you can’t leave your home?

A coach can help you weather this time of uncertainty! A coach can remind you of what you can be certain. A coach reconnects you with the one source of control – Yourself. A coaching session helps you be mindful that you can control the way you respond and assess what you can’t control. Want to address your feelings of depression? Talk to your coach. Seeking a path to a state of inner peace and calm when feelings of stress overwhelm you? Have a session. Need safe and positive ways to release the mounting anger within you? Your coach can help! Bottled up emotions can erupt, disrupt, and cause damage to yourself and to others.

I and my extraordinary team of coaches are offering FREE coaching sessions! All sessions are confidential. And, we guarantee that you will feel better after a session. Why? Because we remind you how to be certain in a time of uncertainty. Book a free session now. You’ll be glad you did.

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