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31 Dec

Happy New Year! Discover the “Gift” Within You

I am a gift



A New Year

The new year brings promises of improvement and resolutions to become a better person. We promise to let the old year go along with all the unhappiness or unfulfilled dreams that it may have represented. We chase after “new”. New is like an addiction – a promise of something better and an assumption that what we already have or who we are must not be good enough.

A New You

“New” means having recently come into existence or unfamiliar.  It can also mean changed, improved, and redesigned. What would happen if we accepted ourselves just as we are, without the belief that we are not good enough just as we are – that we are perfectly imperfect? How would our lives be different if we were grateful for who we are and satisfied with what we already have within us? A New You can be obtained by redesigning your beliefs about the power of YOU.

Many people searching for success and happiness hold the belief that they must make drastic changes to obtain it. Or hold the belief that it’s not attainable for them. Failure is blamed on the environment, the economy, age, location, gender, a litany of reasons – all external. Few are brave enough to look within, to change limiting beliefs or behaviors, and seek the inner wisdom that resides within each of us. We want someone else to tell us what to do, what to buy, where to go – to find happiness and success. And if the decisions we make based on their advice go awry, we can blame THEM! The truth is the answers for you are within you. Yet we distrust ourselves and seek solutions from strangers.

“So many conditions of happiness are available – more than enough for you to be happy right now.

You don’t have to run into the future in order to get more.” – Thich Nhat Hanh


We believe that happiness is in the future, and we run and celebrate the newness of a new year. Although the calendar changes from 2016 to 2017 many will find themselves dissatisfied with life about mid March when they realize they are still in search of the magic elixir.  Perhaps the secret is to celebrate who you are NOW.  If you are going to create a new you, begin by celebrating the Gift of WHO YOU ARE, from infancy to today. Let the new you be comfortable in the body it dwells in, respectful of it because it affects the quality of your life. Let the new you find the blessings in all of your life experiences.  Let the new you explore the wisdom within and ask your Self for the solutions to live your best life now. Let the new you embrace the imperfections that make you perfect.




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